Fancy over Italian cuisine at NYC - (Fairfield)

Posted on: 12/10/12


There would be any person who would not enjoy Italian cuisine; and if you are one among the person who does not enjoy Italian then you should surely come to Lattanzi. This restaurant serves the most authentic Italian food NYC. Every dish you order, you would find a different and authentic touch which will make you fall in love with Italian food. At Lattanzi, you can clearly experience the most authentic dishes and every dish is blend with a Roman touch including our culinary innovations going with our traditions. When it comes to Lattanzi, it is known for serving the best Italian cuisine NYC and people prefer us than any other restaurant. Each and everything used to prepare your ordered dish is fresh and good so that it does its own magic on the dish. The presentation matters a lot when it comes to Italian food NYC. So the sight of the food itself would bring you crave for it and once you eat, you will crave for it more and more. This is the reason for us to stand strong against the competition with our head high serving the most authentic dish ever you would have not even thought about it. This is the same place where you had dinner with your family and now you dining with your own family. Contact Lattanzi @ ( 212) 315-0980 , 361 West 46th street (Between 8th and 9th avenues) , New York City , New York, 10036. Email: | Website:

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