Psychic Hotline -24/7 - (Santa Cruz)

Posted on: 12/20/17


I base my psychic readings on the Vedic astrology called Nakshatra as well as ancient Japanese astrology called Sanmeigaku.Call now at 831-383-2334 for a precise and accurate readings. Both readings reveal your spiritual innermost persona, essences, interpersonal relationships, and your relationship with money, health, luck, family, and the spiritual age. My rates are as follows and they include the fees for the Western Union, the only method of payment I accept. Western Union is also the safest method since I do my readings FIRST. Then, if you think my readings helped you, please wire me my donations. *1 to 30 minutes -$25.00 *31 to 60 minutes -$40.00 *61 to 90 minutes -$55.00 *91 to 120 minutes -$70.00 Life is very capricious, I it can take its own twists and turns. You may not always have someone to talk to let alone get the help you need. I am caring, compassionate, and generous with my wisdom gained from astrology. I'd like to share the happiness I personally obtained with you, and guide you in the right direction for the better future. So, call now at 831-383-2334 and get the readings of your life and discover a new path.

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