Commuter checks 20 off face value - (San Jose)

Posted on: 01/04/18



COMMUTER CHECKS. 20% off. (e.g. if the check is worth $100, I sell it at $80) Expiration Date: January 2019 Checks are worth $20, $40, $60, etc. Just let me know what you need, I am flexible. The check has to be transferred to another source, i.e., Clipper Card, Bart Tickets etc by the expiration date, then the amount is good indefinitely. The picture shown is an example of what a commuter check looks like. Commuter Checks can be loaded on a Clipper Card for universal use which includes AC Transit, BART, Cal Train, Vacaville City Coach, County Connection, FAST Fairfield and Suisun Transit, Golden Gate Transit and Ferry, Marin Transit, Muni, PT Petaluma Transit, SamTrans, San Francisco Bay Ferry, Santa Rosa City Bus, SolTrans, Sonoma County Transit, TriDelta Transit, Vine, VTA, WestCat, Wheels. I can meet buyers around San Jose Downtown, Sunnyvale, or anywhere around.

Ad Number: 21238325